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I'd take care of you,

        that's true.

[Text: Haruka Nanase]: [Name]. Take me to the pool.

[Text: {Name} {Surname}]: Eh?! What about the others? Take them with you instead!

[Text: Haruka Nanase}]: They're busy. I can't go by myself. I lost my pool card.

[Text: {Name} {Surname}]: You're so reckless, Senpai. Anyways, I'd be glad to take you to the pool but unfortunately, I'm sick today. So I guess you can't go to the pool. Don't worry though, I'm sure someone else will be more than happy to take you tomorrow.

Haruka didn't reply back. You sighed quietly as you placed your phone on the coffee table. You grabbed the remote and turned the channel of the TV. There was nothing interesting to watch. You turned off the TV and laid down on your couch; everyone was busy today. Including your mom - wasn't she suppose to take care of you?

You were about to go to your bedroom - that was until you heard a knock on the door. You groaned. Visitors? Today? You weren't really in the mood for visitors. You turned your heel and went to open the door to see Haruka standing in front of your porch.

“You look terrible.” He commented. Bluntly, of course.

You rolled your eyes and opened the door wider for him to enter. Haruka went inside and closed the door while you sat back on the couch and turned the TV on again. There were no good shows to watch, obviously. However, since Haruka was here, you turned to the Animal Channel, where they were talking about sea creatures.

Close enough.

“Aren't you gonna tell me why you're here?” You said, your eyes fixated on the TV.

Haruka sat next to you on the couch. “You said you were sick.”

She finally faced him and raised a brow. “So..?”

“I'm taking care of you until you get better. That way, you can take me to the pool.”

“O-Oi! You were the one who caused my sickness!” She shrieked.

He ignored the comment. Of course, he would. Typical Haruka. “Where's your medicine?”

You swore that you were going to hit him once you were back to your health. “Go home, Senpai! I can take care of myself - it's not even a bad cold. Geez, I'm sure I'll be fine by tomorrow. So can you just go home, please? Before my mother comes back and sees you—”

You were cut off when you were thrown a cold, wet, towel in front of your face by Haruka.

That bastard.

“Just go home already!” You told him (more like begged).

“I'm taking care of you. Now shut up an say 'ah'.”

“Go home, Senpai!”

Who knew that taking care of [Name] was so hard?
Music inspiration meme: Write short (it doesn't have to be) stories inspired/based on your favourite musics. 

Song: Take Care // Beach House 

First: Here 

Second: Here 

Please take note that I made this idea. If you want to do the "Music Inspiration Meme", please credit me. That's all I ask. Really. Thank you.

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sorry!! i won't be doing a part two of this. ; w ;
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