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In a gentle way,

A sigh escaped the the [h/c] haired female’s chapped lips, catching Nagisa’s attention to look back at her. Worry struck over him. He didn’t want his beloved one to feel ever-so sad— or even depressed. Coming over to her, he asked her in a worried tone: “Are you okay?”

[Name] blinked, and looked over at her counter side. With a nod she replied with a simple ‘yes’. Yet, Nagisa wasn’t so convinced. He knew her more than anyone else. Even her brother; that’s how much he loved her.

Leaning over to her, he gave her cheeks a soft peck. A scarlet color spread throughout the girl’s cheeks. It was times like these when [Name] would appreciate— love, Nagisa’s kisses. Soft, warm kisses.

“Are you sure?” He asked again. Just to assure him.

She was quite for a moment, but then she finally had managed to reply. “I’m.. just feeling.. weird, I guess.”

Nagisa tilted his head. “Weird?”

She nodded. “Mhm. It’s not that big of a problem. There’s just a lot in my head,”

The blonde haired male let out a soft chuckle to himself. Relieved, that’s how he felt.

He pulled her into a hug, causing [Name] to jump.



He laughed, as he only pulled her closer. Feeling her warmth, and smelling her sweet scent.

When she would never dare to admit, she loved his gentle touches. She smiled to herself.

“You had me worried for a second,” He mumbled.

It was [Name]’s turn to chuckle. “Don’t worry. If something happens, I’ll tell you.”

“That’s a relief, then.” He said.

Nagisa hadn’t let go of her yet— and seemingly, she did not mind one bit.

“I love you,”

“I love you more, [Name]-chan!”

you can shake the world.
i'm pissed off

(reader's version of this)
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That's so cute
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Aww, it's so cute! Even though it was short, you did a great job writing this!
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